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Focus on green plant rental service for 20 years

We have focused on green plant rental services for 20 years, and we look forward to building the “Millennium Garden” as the first brand in the greening industry with a professional service team, personalized products, and standardized service processes. We are always committed to being the best talent in the industry.

We have the only ERP plant management system in the green plant rental industry.

The wireless network monitors, transmits, and updates the maintenance records of each plant and the customer's evaluation of the service in real time to resolve the problem in a timely manner. The customer also

You can query the maintenance records in real time in this system; 3D scene simulation system, combining real scenes with horticulture for free replacement and design

Your own gardening world.

Our vision is to let people live in the garden,

Create the most professional gardening service brand in China,

Representing the highest level of innovative products and design solutions in the industry,

Establish the nation's most comprehensive integrated horticultural industry ecological chain system.

Professional design team tailored for you

We have an experienced, professionally focused, energetic design team and a professional indoor plant team

Design experts, dedicated to providing personalized products and standardized services, to provide you with first-class design, standards

Services, high-quality horticultural services.

With the issuance of the qualification certificate for urban landscaping enterprises in 2013, with 13 years of understanding of landscaping and

Experience, we continue to draw on the industry elite.

Our strategic goal is to do a good job of each project with a professional design team and standardized service processes. according to

Your preferences, personality, and requirements add a touch of interest to your environment.

Comprehensive customer service and technical support
Comprehensive customer service and technical support

We have a complete set of scientific professional management experience and strong technical force,

With professional maintenance managers, the maintenance staff have undergone systematic and rigorous training and can be proficient in handling various common problems of flowers and plants.

We have a team of experienced horticultural designers, a high-quality management team and a professional flower and plant greening team.

The company's management, sales, design and service teams all have a good educational background, professional experience and service awareness, and grassroots maintenance

The personnel have undergone long-term training and regular assessment, and have rich experience and customer service awareness. The company's entire team is young and dynamic

And cohesion, with good learning ability, management ability and industry experience.

Business Process


  • Design



    Communication plan design effect diagram makes the plan easy to understand and confirm the plan, sign the contract

  • Plant configuration


    Plant configuration

    Base green plant selection and plant arrangement and appearance

  • Packing and shipping


    Packing and shipping

    Plant packaging out of the warehouse and trucked to the designated location

  • Placed on site


    Placed on site

    According to the requirements, the plants are put in place to show the best ornamental effect of the plants.

  • After sales maintenance


    After sales maintenance

    Plant protection officer maintains regular maintenance and exchanges variety and exclusive account manager

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Beijing Millennium Gardens and Greening Co., Ltd. was formally established in November 2009. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in garden ecological environment services. It consists of horticulture, garden, logistics, technology, e-commerce, and education. Of the six main businesses to build an ecological circle of the entire horticultural industry chain.

The Group combines the thinking of the Internet with the management model of partners, uses innovation to change the future, continuously improves the organizational structure and efficient operation team, effectively combines the flower and horticulture industry with the Internet, and develops the industry's leading operating service model. One of the companies with a people management model. Through continuous innovation and optimization, the company passed the three major certifications of the international IS09001 quality system, IS08001 health system, and IS04001 environmental system in 2013, which improved the organization and standardized service process.

With the continuous expansion of enterprises and the introduction of specialized talents, the number of Fortune 500 strategic partners has increased dramatically, especially in cooperation with Internet and e-commerce companies, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong Mall, Qihoo 360. To give the millennium a high evaluation in the industry, in order to provide better services to customers, the establishment of Aizhi Educational Institute (Plant Business School), to train more professional talents in the industry, change the status of industry services, only to provide customers with more With perfect services, Qianxi is constantly striving to develop, and at the same time, it has laid the foundation for opening up the same city flower logistics distribution.

We always adhere to innovation for development, survival with quality, win customers with credit, and benefit from management. Each step of growth contains our dreams and pursuits, condenses the wisdom and efforts of all employees, and comprehensively expands diversified green Industry, all employees are striving to build a first-class brand with vigorous fighting spirit and pragmatic style, and strive to achieve the company's new development, new leap forward, and create new glory!

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  • Millennium backbone promotes centripetal force-expansion
  • Flower Leasing Industry Group for China Flower Association's Potted Branch
  • Selected as an excellent enterprise in Chinese flower rental business
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