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■ Long-term lease: one year or more

1) Service content

Free on-site design, providing green decoration solutions according to the customer's office environment;

Provide professional maintenance, 1-6 times a week to maintain the best state of plants;

Timely replacement, the plants to be replaced are replaced within 3 working days;

Actively track return visits to understand customer needs and improve service quality.

2) Starting at 1,000 yuan per month

3) Green lease process


4) Leasing scheme

5) Service standards

Serial number

Work projects

Work content

Working standard



Watering in time to ensure the soil is moist

Basin soil sees dry and wet



Fertilize twice a year, divided into spring and autumn, about April, September

1) The plants are plump and robust, and the plant shape is naturally symmetrical;

2) The plant color is normal green and bright;

3) The fertilizer complies with environmental protection standards, non-toxic and odorless;



1) Use clean water or cloth to remove dust from the leaves. 2) Use scissors to remove the yellow, dark gray and other abnormal leaves on the leaves.

1) The plant must not have obvious dust on the leaves of flowers above medium to high, so that the normal veins of the leaves of flowers can be clearly seen;

2) The plant is a small flower, which ensures that there are no dust marks on the large leaves;

3) There are no yellow leaves or dead leaves on the leaves;

4) Trim without destroying leaf shape;


flower pot

1) Remove traces of water and dirt from the pots

2) Remove fallen leaves and dead leaves in the pot

3) Pick out cigarette butts and waste paper in the basin

1) The pots are in harmony with the environment and the plant shape, and the sleeves should be beautiful;

2) No traces of water or soil appear on the pots;

3) The inside of the basin is clean without any foreign objects;


Basin mat

1) suck out the soil in the basin mat

2) Remove the imprint of scale in the basin mat

The pot mat must match the flower pot in size, shape and color. At the end of each work, except for less water in the basin mat, ensure that the inside of the basin mat is clean and white; if there is scale in the basin mat that cannot be removed, replace it with a new one in a timely manner.


Change flowers

Swapping flowers in poor condition

1) Replace within 3 working days of severe yellowing or poor growth;

2) 3 working days where serious diseases and insect pests cannot be treated on site;

3) Replace it within 3 working days if it is not suitable for the environment.


on site

Service hours, dress code, work attitude, environmental hygiene, exchange arrangements, flower pots and signs

1. Working hours according to customer requirements, under special circumstances, respond to Party A's requirements at any time.

2. Personnel on site wear uniforms and work signs.

3. On-site service personnel shall be jointly led by Party A and Party B during the on-site service and obey the unified command of the relevant personnel of both parties.

4. After the service is over, ensure that the site environment is clean and tidy.

5. When the on-site personnel enter the service, they must maintain a correct working attitude and do not engage in non-work-related conversations with Party A staff at the work site. They will leave the site immediately after the service.

6. When Party B exchanges the flowers on the spot, Party B will notify the relevant personnel of the Party A by phone or E-MAIL before the date of the flowers exchange. After receiving the confirmation from Party A, they will exchange the flowers on site. After the flowers are replaced, they shall be signed and confirmed by Party A.

7. Specially arrange two staff members and a special float for on-site service.

8. All pots of flowers on site need to be coordinated.

9. Cooperate with other reasonable requirements of Party A in order to meet the standard of on-site service.

10. If the on-site service personnel of the supplier causes improper operation and the property is lost, the supplier will pay compensation according to the price, and the compensation will be deducted from the monthly service fee.

11. The monthly service quality of the supplier will be supervised by Party A's on-site personnel and confirmed by both parties.


Service supervision

Multi-level customer satisfaction guarantee system

1. The gardener needs the client to sign and confirm the service status after each maintenance;

2. Millennium Garden is equipped with an account manager for each customer, and regular customer return visits are performed to understand customer needs and check service quality;

3. The company's after-sales service department will conduct regular telephone or home visits to customers to check the quality of maintenance and investigate customer satisfaction;

4. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, the company has set up a complaint telephone for the customer, which is handled by a specialized person and directly responsible to the deputy general manager in charge of after-sales service.

■ Benefits of indoor planting

1) Effectively absorb computer radiation and promote health;

2) Absorb more than 90% indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases to purify the air;

3) Green can relieve stress, eliminate visual fatigue, and create a relaxed office environment.

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