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Millennium backbone promotes centripetal force-expansion

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Centripetal force is a symbol of unity

Manifestation of power

Is an important guarantee for completing various tasks


Team cohesion is an invisible spiritual force, an invisible bond that closely connects the members of a team.

增强公司团队凝聚力, 促进同事之间的相互交流沟通能力。 In order to promote the core centripetal force, strengthen the cohesion of the company team, and promote the mutual communication and communication ability between colleagues.

The company organized a two-day outreach event. The group building site was held in Huairou, Beijing. At this time, the autumn was high, the sun was mild, and the fruits were fruitful.

Promote the backbone of centripetal force


This expansion project consists of team trust, team motivation, project execution, and team collaboration.



The staff is divided into two groups, and each group completes a series of team challenged projects under the leadership of coach Liu.

Let everyone trust each other, appreciate the importance of team pressure on individual actions, and build a win-win awareness.


Project arrangements are intertwined.

Understand the importance of learning from each other in cooperation, persistence, and not giving up lightly. Unity is strength.

Project: Challenge NO.1

The main challenge is team tacit understanding and team cohesion.





This project made us understand:

The tasks of personnel in different roles of the company and how to communicate effectively in the shortest time strengthen the awareness of cross-department cooperation, understand effective communication, and understand that the success of individuals requires the help of peers.

a team,

To achieve the ultimate goal,

The goals must be clear and consistent,

Project: Super Ventilator

The team members are divided into two groups: planning and execution








建立高效良好的工作节奏和氛围 培养分工执行,团队合作力,培养应对任务的积极性和高度责任感 This project allows us to establish an efficient and good working rhythm and atmosphere , cultivate division of labor, teamwork, and enthusiasm and high responsibility for coping with tasks .


A team is a community composed of employees and management. It reasonably applies the common sense and skills of each member to work together to solve problems and achieve common goals.

The expansion of these projects fully reflects the sense of teamwork, and everyone learns, grows and improves together.


Everyone toast to our company:

Prosperous, show great promise, day by day!

Yanqi counterparts





Take a group photo with the Millennium Family and record this unforgettable moment!


This expansion,

Promoted the backbone centripetal force,

Enhanced team cohesion,

Strengthened teamwork awareness.

There is no perfect individual, only perfect team

Everyone is a drop of water. Only by unconditionally plunging into the sea can we never dry up.

We must truly take the cultivation of team spirit as part of the construction of the millennial culture, arrange everyone to the right position through good management, give full play to the collective potential, strengthen the shaping of corporate philosophy and corporate values, and stimulate innovation and cohesion. Cultivate, strive to promote the development of the millennium, and achieve even higher performance!

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